Valuing your midsized business

Leaders of midsized companies are so busy with day-to-day operations that determining their company’s value and pinpointing where value is being created or, conversely, where it might be declining, aren’t top of mind.

In his new book, “QuickValue: Discover Your Value and Empower Your Business in Three Easy Steps,” Reed Phillips, CEO and managing partner of Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips, explains why knowing the value of your company is important even if you have no current plans to sell.

An Oaklins International colleague whose firm specializes in M&A advisory for midsized companies in media and technology, Phillips presents a valuation methodology in the book that shows midsized companies how to obtain a reliable valuation without hiring a third-party consultant. Knowing your company’s value is key to seizing future business opportunities, whether those opportunities are selling, buying a competitor or pursuing organic growth.

If you are a midsized business and don’t know your company’s value, this book may be a valuable resource. Find Phillips’ book on Amazon.