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Capital Alliance provides expert strategic consulting and M&A advice with sought-after negotiating expertise in a wide range of industries, including human resources, energy, construction & engineering, technology, and healthcare, among others. Since our founding more than 40 years ago, we’ve closed over 250 transactions valued at more than $3 billion.

As a member of Oaklins International, a worldwide middle-market M&A network of 60 offices in 40 countries, we leverage specialists with deep local connections to provide the best results for our clients, whether they are stateside or abroad. Oaklins has closed over 1,500 deals in the past five years.

We also assist companies seeking expert business consultation in areas ranging from strategic visioning to budgeting — whether or not these companies are involved in an M&A transaction.

Capital Alliance has been a member of Oaklins, formerly M&A International, since 1986. Oaklins is the world’s most experienced mid-market M&A advisor. Our trusted senior bankers are entrepreneurs and industry specialists with the skills and experience to ensure the best results for our clients. Oaklins has closed over 1,500 deals in the past 5 years.  Every step of the way, we put clients first.

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Austria, Vienna
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Czech Republic, Prague
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Finland, Helsinki
France, Paris
France, Lyon
France, Toulouse
Germany, Berlin
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Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
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Slovakia, Bratislava
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Spain, Madrid
Sweden, Stockholm
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Switzerland, Bern
Switzerland, Zurich
Turkey, Istanbul
United Kingdom, Bristol
United Kingdom, London


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Mexico, Mexico City
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United States, Atlanta
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United States, New York
United States, Seattle

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Morocco, Casablanca
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