Excalibur Energy Services LLC has been acquired by Heckmann Water Resources, Inc.

The Selling Company: Excalibur Energy Services is a highly profitable energy services firm focused on moving fresh water for hydraulic fracturing and produced water from existing natural gas wells. An affiliate company rents out “frac” tanks to hold “flowback” water from the directional drilling, fracturing and perforation process.

Why the company was sold: The company had grown very quickly over a short five year timespan, and had outgrown its ability and the desire of the shareholders to continue to fund the purchase of capital equipment necessary to serve its customers’ needs. The principals saw a trend toward consolidation of this segment of the industry, and felt a strong chemistry with management of the acquiring company.

Capital Alliance’s Performance: The principals were busy growing their company and had little time for conference calls and meetings. Our briefing told the story and anticipated initial questions from the buyer group. Only well-screened buyers were introduced to the principals. Confidential efforts resulted in several offers from qualified acquirers. The buyer was selected because of the superior price and terms being offered.

Terms of the Transaction: Selling shareholders received a substantial cash payment at closing, along with stock in the NYSE-listed buyer. Additional earn-out compensation is anticipated at the end of the first year.

The Acquiring Company: Heckmann Corp. is a rapidly-growing company concentrating on water-related services and solutions for the oil and gas industry.