Desert Communications, Inc. has been acquired by INOVA Technology, Inc.

The Selling Company: For well over a decade, Desert Communications, Inc. has provided computer and communication service and support to over 200 organizations. With integrity and dependability, the company’s mission is to provide every customer superior technology solutions and products, including hardware, software, support and service. Desert Communications is recognized as a significant technology partner by many organizations, including school districts, governmental and commercial entities in the southwestern United States.

Why the company was sold: The shareholders successfully grew the company’s niche business beyond their initial expectations. While they desired an exit to pursue other options, they would not accept any exit that would not provide the company’s loyal work force continuous employment and the potential for growth.

Capital Alliance’s Performance: Capital Alliance Corporation received multiple offers for the company, which ultimately met the multiple goals of the shareholders.

Terms of the Transaction: Terms included substantial cash at closing, a note and relief from corporate debt.

The Acquiring Company: Inova Technology, Inc. (IVTH.PK) brings new, proprietary and fast-growing RFID technology which will be marketed through Desert Communications’ distribution channels.

Desert Communications, Inc. has been acquired by INOVA Technology, Inc.