Germany’s federal environment minister Peter Altmaier visits the 58th M&A International conference in Berlin

Over 160 mergers and acquisition professionals from M&A International Inc. met this June in Berlin to attend the 58th M&A International Conference and the 12th M&A Mid-Market Forum. One of the special highlights of the conference was the appearance of the Federal Environment Minister, Peter Altmaier, who spoke during a reception at the Reichstag.

The main topic of his speech was the necessary move to alternative energy sources. He was optimistic that the use of alternative and renewable forms of energy would expand. In response to the objection that most wind turbines are unprofitable, Altmaier replied that he held the same opinion before he became Federal Environment Minister. His recent deeper insight into the green tech industry convinced him that, as technical development continues to advance rapidly, wind turbines (especially the more efficient and reliable energy generating offshore wind turbines) become a more attractive investment. Germany’s expertise in alternative energy will undoubtedly be economically beneficial. Nevertheless, strong efforts are still necessary, and the German government is willing to shoulder the burden, together with private businesses. Altmaier stated that Germany is capable of playing a pioneering role and is well equipped for the challenges of the future. If they succeed, the result will have a significant impact on the behavior of other countries, and by extension, on the environment. Switzerland is the first to follow the German example. Aside from environmental issues, Mr. Altmaier’s speech prompted an intense and controversial discussion about the German government’s position on European politics and the future of the Euro. By the end of the conference, Mr. Altmaier had impressed the members of M&A International with his open, lively, and humorous interaction.