DBJ: Conference in Dallas to focus on future of global energy

DALLAS BUSINESS JOURNAL, October 12th, 2012: A Dallas conference scheduled for Oct. 25 will focus on the world’s major energy challenges over the next 30 years.

Dallas-based Capital Alliance Corp. is hosting “World Energy in 2040: The Facts, Physics and Economics,” in conjunction with M&A International Inc., Fulbright & Jaworksi and the Maguire Energy Institute at SMU.

“We’re going to address some of the extremely timely topics in the industry and hear from some of the technology innovators, some of the big leaders,” said Paul Puri, executive vice president and principal at Capital Alliance.

Speakers will include Rob Gardner, manager of the Economics and Energy Division of ExxonMobil’s Corporate Strategic Planning Department; Robert Bryce, a noted energy author and journalist; and Edward Kee, vice president of NERA Economic Consulting.

“We are in the midst of one of the greatest policy debates on the future of energy production in our nation’s history and with energy independence potentially within our grasp, this has never been more critical,” said Mark Wasem, partner in the energy practice at Fulbright & Jaworski. “This conference will offer discussions on the facts and science that will drive the critical policy debate on the future of North American energy.”

Capital Alliance is a founding member of M&A International, a global alliance of investment banks that does a combined $20 billion to $25 billion in annual transactions, Puri said.

The energy forum kicks off a three-day conference of the 40 member investment banks, Puri said.

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