Michael Galardi

Managing Director
Michael Galardi

With over 35 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, Mike Galardi brings a wealth of experience to sellers. During his career, Mike has had senior roles as a strategy consultant, operating officer, and owner of a transportation company.

Before joining Capital Alliance, Mike served as the Chairman and CFO of a regional expedited trucking company. Prior to that, he was a Managing Partner in the Transportation and Logistics Strategy practice at Accenture, the lead Partner of the trucking practice at Oliver Wyman, and VP Sales and Marketing at Southern Pacific Railroad. Mike began his career on Wall Street at Kidder Peabody & Co., and then as a security analyst at Banker’s Trust. Mike has significant domestic and international experience having worked on five continents. He has advised companies on strategies related to buying and selling companies, as well as general strategic consulting ranging from competitive positioning, sales and marketing strategies, process redesign among dozens of engagements.

Mike holds a BS in Industrial Engineering, cum laude, from Lehigh University, and an MBA in Banking and Finance from Columbia University. He has also completed post graduate courses in accounting at the Stern School of Management at New York University. Mike has written or co-written three books on freight profitability, profitability analysis in transportation, and the outlook for the transportation industry, as well as appearing as a featured speaker at numerous industry gatherings, both in the U.S. and abroad. Mike is married with two sons – one in college and the other in high school.

Key Achievements:

  • Purchased with a partner and sold four years later a specialized transport company at a double digit annualized return
  • Led the purchase by his consulting firm of an internet start-up company in the transportation space in 2000 that is still going strong today
  • Led the development of a strategy that resulted in the successful acquisition of a major transportation conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries to a major package operator
  • Worked with major individual investor looking to acquire international railroads going through privatization efforts
  • Identified and closed the sale of a small truck leasing company to a larger independent regional lessor
  • Helped restructure transport investment portfolio before Federal Express was a major player by getting out of investments in its competitors

Areas of Interest:

  • LTL and TL Trucking
  • Parcel & Package Delivery Companies
  • Transportation Leasing Companies (particularly truck leasing)
  • Short Line Railroads
  • Third Party Logistics Companies
  • Transportation and Distribution Service Companies, including Internet Companies
Focus Industries: 
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